Autumn In My Town Essay

18 Oct Falling for the Colors of Autumn: Photo Essay

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Moving to a tropical island? No thanks. To me, the tropics are good for a few days but if I enjoy the climate and the vibe for a little while, I soon long to leave.

Indeed, I like the seasons, the way nature changes, offering different colours and smells. Every yearly cycle looks like a miracle happening again and again, a symbol of the life sprouting, blossoming, growing, fading and then dying.

Each season has its charm, and I like them all, although I’m a little partial to spring and autumn. After the winter, seeing the first blossoms gives me an immediate feeling of joy.

Fall arises a sense of melancholy as I look at the bright colors of autumn like a last explosion of warmth before the arrival of the cold and the snow.

There’s no place like the mountains to savor the colors of autumn, hiking in the woods, walking on the dead leaves covering the path, enjoying the last rays of sunshine, shedding their awesome oblique light on the surrounding nature.

I have wonderful memories of autumn in Courmayeur, overlooking the majestic Mont Blanc, in the Dolomites, in Switzerland.

But albeit beautiful, I dream of seeing foliage in the United States, where the colors of autumn have an  intensity which I’m not sure exists in Europe.

How do you like the colors of autumn? Which is your favorite season?


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The best of Autumn is coming to an end in Montreal. The vivid colours have started turning to different shades of brown and the trees are getting increasingly bare. It won’t be long until we start waking up to frost in the morning – Halloween usually signals a quick descent into the dregs of winter.

But Autumn is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season in Montreal. Here are some photos of the city taken during this season.


Photo Essay – Montreal in the summer
Photo Essay – Montreal in the winter
Photo Essay – Montreal in the Spring



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