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Prompt: Davidson is an academically and socially engaged community bound by an Honor Code and committed to thoughtful discourse and an abiding sense of inclusiveness.  Reflecting on your own background and educational experience, in what ways is Davidson a good match and how might you enrich this community?


Growing up in a small rural Oregon town, I lived a somewhat unique childhood.  I independently read the Little House on the Prairie series before and during kindergarten, and my days were spent fulfilling personas from the books: donning a flowered bonnet and long dress and wheeling a wagon around our yard to simulate a trip on the Oregon Trail.  Hosting tea parties in the small stick house in our woods was my favorite pastime.  I remain influenced by my ties to such a rural life style, though I have also taken advantage of the larger nearby city of Eugene for opportunities such as performing roles ranging from a Baby Mouse to Waltz of the Flowers in the annual Eugene Ballet Company’s production of The Nutcracker.  

An appealing aspect of Davidson College is the feel of the college and access to the large city of Charlotte 20 miles away.  I attend a high school with only 550 total students and am accustomed to small classes where teachers recognize students by name and my classes are with the same group of students, allowing more cooperative learning.  I value the ability to connect people, names, and faces in a community and would enjoy talking and working with college professors and fellow students.  Davidson would provide a comprehensive liberal arts education while offering opportunities to directly participate in scientific research, part of my goal of pursuing a career of biological research.  Also, I have enjoyed performing community service from local to global projects with my small youth group, and appreciate that attending Davidson would allow me to continue my faith and passion for serving my community and the world.

I do not just desire to advance my education at Davidson; I am also excited about the other new social and cultural possibilities that Davidson would offer.  If possible, I hope to continue my 14 years of training and passion for dance through participation in the Gamut Dance Company.  I know that over 70 percent of students travel abroad, another experience I hope to fulfill during my collegiate years.  I would enjoy writing for The Davidsonian, as well as playing with the Davidson Pep Band and contributing to Wildcat spirit at football and basketball games.  Or perhaps I will use my flute training and join the Davidson Symphony Orchestra for a new adventure, combining my flutist background with my enjoyment of classical music, since I have not had such an opportunity before. However, I realize there are far too many potential activities to join than time would allow.

These intricate details of Davidson remind me of my passion for puzzles-whether jigsaw, sudoku, or research projects in biology-where details interlock and fit together in expected or unanticipated patterns.  Patience and a desire for the task are required to complete the puzzle.  The many elements of my background and personality have instilled me with the motivation to pursue all available opportunities.  The Davidson community-with its multitude of overlapping puzzle pieces from its Honor Code to the blend between academic traditions and current research- would be a wonderful setting for continuing my intellectual growth, becoming fully involved in the small, personable community, and finding new and rewarding ways to make an impact on the surrounding world.

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