Whats The Best Music To Listen To While Doing Homework

Recent research from academics in the US and France has found that listening to classical music while studying can actually help students score higher in their assessments.

With exam season well underway here in the UK, we want to give students a helping hand wherever we can, particularly after new figures released by ChildLine showed a concerning rise in the number of young people seeking help for stress.

Therefore, to help combat stress levels, the team at Classic FM has revealed a list of the top pieces of classical music to help students get the most out of their revision.

From relaxing melodies for starting the process to pace-quickeners for those last-minute cramming moments, classical music can both calm students down and make them more receptive to new information.

Classic FM presenter, Bill Turnbull, has shared his experiences of listening to classical music while studying. He said: “When I was revising for exams, it wasn’t unheard of for me to lose concentration, but listening to classical music was a really simple and effective way to stay focused and keep my nerves under control.

“Last year, thousands of students tuned into Classic FM to help them get through the busy revision and exam period so, this year, we have created a list of the most relaxing, inspirational, and motivational pieces to help them keep their eyes on the ball.”

So, taking into consideration the presenter’s words of wisdom, turn down the Beyoncé, and turn up the Bach - here’s a countdown of the top ten classical tracks which could set you on the road to exam success:

10) Piano Concerto No. 23 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

9) The Hours – Philip Glass

8) Gymnopedie No. 1 – Erik Satie

7) Clair De Lune – Claude Debussy

6) Etudes – Claude Debussy

5) Academic Festival Overture – Johannes Brahms

4) Well-Tempered Clavier – Johann Sebastian Bach

3) A Beautiful Mind – James Horner

2) Goldberg Variations - Johann Sebastian Bach

1) Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel

If you feel exam stress and revision is getting the better of you, get in touch with the team at ChildLine for help and support by calling their free confidential helpline on 0800 1111. Also, support is available from a counsellor online through 1-2-1 chat. The team also has some top tips on getting the best out of revision.

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As college students, it is safe to say that we spend a lot of time studying.  Whether you’re in the library or at your favorite coffee shop, you may find yourself searching for the perfect background music to pair with your school work. Based on numerous studies and research, it has become fact that music can help enhance your studying, with benefits that support efficiency and memorization. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all music genres and artists. Before you queue up your Spotify to Mozart and Bach, take a peek (and steer clear) of the Lala’s list of the worst music to listen to while studying.

6. Disclosure

Who doesn’t love Disclosure? With amazing beats and insane collaborations, Disclosure puts out some of the most addicting songs. Studying while listening to Disclosure is a definite no— instead of finishing your book you might end up at a club dancing the night away. (try instead: SBTRKT)

5. Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is definitely on your weekend playlist (and if he isn’t… add him right now). While you may love getting down with your friends to “679,” there is no doubt that your study session will be completely unproductive if you’re listening to his music.  (try instead: The Weekend)

4. Calvin Harris

No questions asked, our love for Calvin Harris is deep. While you may be tempted to step away from your books and binge listen to his latest tunes, think again. To be as productive as possible, make sure Calvin Harris doesn’t sneak onto your playlist. (try instead: ODESZA)

3. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is arguably one of the most inspiring rappers of the moment. With powerful lyrics and messages, Lamar’s songs are not something you can play in the background— they require full attention. As hard as it may be, make sure you skip his songs during your study session. (try instead: Frank Ocean)

2. Rihanna

Rihanna is just #goals. From her killer style and personality, to her undoubtedly catchy music, we love everything about her. While you may hope that singing “work work work,” will inspire your homework, the odds are you will completely distract yourself. Save Rihanna for your celebration music after you’ve completed your exam. (try instead: FKA Twigs)

1. Justin Bieber

J Bieb’s fourth and newest album, Purpose, is seriously good— so good that it has everyone and their mother converting to a belieber. Studying while listening to Justin Bieber is dangerous; getting through a full sentence of reading without breaking out into dance is near impossible. Is it too late now to say sorry… to your professor… for failing your exam? If you’re hoping to ace your test, stay away from Justin Bieber’s music during your studying. (try instead: Bon Iver)


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