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The Review of Metaphysics is devoted to the promotion of technically competent, definitive contributions to philosophical knowledge. Not associated with any school or group, not the organ of any association or institution, it is interested in persistent, resolute inquiries into root questions, regardless of the writer's affiliations.
Published for more than fifty years, the Review of Metaphysics has established itself as an essential resource for the profession both in the major research libraries of the world and in the private libraries of professors, scholars, and students of philosophy. Among the top English-language journals in circulation, and boasting one of the largest foreign circulations, the Review offers its reader an overview of contemporary philosophy and a standpoint from which to assess its developing currents.

Coverage: 1947-2014 (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 68, No. 2)

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Graduate Publications

Dissertations and Theses of the UF Anthropology Department

Thesis Titles: Full Listing

A complete listing of the dissertations of those who received a Masters in Anthropology from UF, since 1963
Student NameMA YearMA ChairThesis Title
Roberson, Sydney2016Sassaman, KennethA Petrographic Analysis of Soapstone in the American Southeast
Akins, John Keith1995du Toit, BrianThe patriot's militia : an analysis of conflicting presentations
Albert, Arlene Midori1993Maples, WilliamStages of epiphyseal union of the superior and inferior vertebral centra : methods of age determination for teenage and young adult skeletons and the introduction of an improved method
Allen, Kacie2012Sassaman, KennethFire in Their Eyes: Inquiries into Fire in a Burning Man Community
Allender, Mark1995Purdy, BarbaraSixteenth-century European contact sites along the Florida Gulf coast
Altman, Danielle2006Langwick, StaceyFeminist Activism in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Politics of Postnatal Depression
Anderson, Elyse2009Emery, KittyExploring Maya Ritual Fauna: caves and the proposed link with contemporary hunting ceremonialism
Anderson, Reba Law1970Kimball, SolonA social anthropological analysis of a research project in the training of parent-educators.
Andreu, Manola1977The Shuar people of Ecuador and Peru : a case of survival
Andrews, Deborah2012Stepp, J. RickIntergenerational Transmission of Traditional Ecological Knowledge during Urban Sprawl: Expertise of a Florida Cracker Family
Arfi, Khadidja2008Murray, GeraldLanguages of Algerian Diaspora in the United States of America: Comparative Study with Algerian Diaspora in France
Arturo, Ruben Julian1987Doughty, PaulThe formation of industrial workers in Bogota, Colombia
Atwood, Richard Jay1975The anthropology of male fertility
Austin-Smith, Dana Elizabeth1989Maples, WilliamAn analysis of video superimposition : is this a reliable technique for human identification?
Austria, Jane2008Murray, GeraldExpanding the Envelope: The Convergence of Indigenous Aeta Organization and an External Issue-Based Community Organizing Model in Tarlac, Philippines
Auten, Anna Elizabeth (Beth)2004Sassaman, KennethUtilization of mast resources by Late Archaic peoples of the Middle Savannah River Valley
Ayvaz, Melissa2014Marquardt, WilliamExcavations at the Citrus Ridge Component of Coastal Southwest Florida's Pineland Site Complex
Baker, Henry Alexander1969Fairbanks, CharlesArchaeological excavations at Panamá la Vieja, 1968
Ball, Jacob2014Stepp, J. RickA Multi-Level Evaluation of a Chagas Disease Intervention in a Mayan Village in Yucatan, Mexico
Beidleman, Dona Katharine1976Fairbanks, CharlesCeramic remains as indicators of socio-economic status in colonial St. Augustine
Biery-Hamilton, Gay Maurene1987Lawless, Robert DCoping with change : the impact of the Tucuruí dam on an Amazonian community
Binford, Elizabeth2007Stepp, J. RickDynamics of land use among Maya of southern Belize
Blanchette, Roland1979Burns, AllanHigh rise society and neighborhood change
Blumenthal, Holly1999du Toit, BrianIn search of the sacred
Boothby, Stephanie2012Heckenberger, MichaelArchaeology, Satellite Imagery, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Llanos De Mojos, Bolivia
Borel, Joan Stickney1997Moore, JohnCoevolution of landscape and culture : the vegetation of Indian shell mounds in Florida's Ten Thousand Islands
Borremans, Nina Thanz1985Rice, PrudenceArchaeology of the devil's walkingstick site : a diachronic perspective of aboriginal life on a tidal river in Southeast Georgia
Boyd, Elizabeth Petty2003Milbrath, SusanSmall voices : a study of the pre-Columbian children of Latin America
Boyer, Willet A III2005Milanich, JeraldNuestra Senora del Rosario de La Punta lifeways of an eighteenth-century colonial Spanish refugee mission community, St. Augustine, Florida
Boynton, Sylvia S.1974Hardman, MarthaA contrastive analysis of Spanish and Aymara phonology : Spanish as a goal language
Braje, Todd2003Sassaman, KennethNeighboring Communities of Practice: A Case Study of Classic Stallings Pottery
Brech, Alan2004Sassaman, KennethNeither Ocean nor Continent: Correlating the Archaeology and Geomorphology of the Barrier Islands of East Central Florida
Bright, Kiristen2010Oyuela-Caycedo, AugustoSambaqui : changes in monumental architecture along the Brazilian coast in response to disruptions in climate patterns
Burkhalter, Steve Brian1975?Vila do Xingú, an Amazon community : an integrated look at ecology, economics, and technology
Burkley, Benjamin2004Mulligan, ConnieMolecular evolution of ASPM exon 18 indel locus in primates
Burns, Karen Ramey Snedaker1974Maples, WilliamDetermination of an individual's age from serial section of teeth
Butler, John R.1981Hogen Esch, Thieo ESubsistence food production among low resource farmers in Alachua County, Florida
Byron, Elizabeth1999Oliver-Smith, AnthonyIntra-household and community-level impacts of participation in a women's income-generating project : Manabí, Ecuador
Cabanilla, Rhonda1999Anton, SusanEvidence for diet and climate in Archaic Florida : analyses of the Tick Island human and faunal skeletal samples
Cargill-Mazer, Kathleen1978Von Mering, OttoA rural health clinic in transition
Carlson, Lisabeth Anne (Betsy)1993Keegan, WilliamStrings of command : manufacture and utilization of shell beads among the Taino Indians of the West Indies
Certain, Leonard Lowe1991Marquardt, WilliamArchaeology, wilderness, and preservation : a green and red critique of federal cultural resources management
Chapman, Samuel John1996Milanich, JeraldArchaeological testing of the Indian Pond site, Columbia County, Florida
Chari, Sangita2005McClaurin, IrmaOne Together and One Apart: Interracial Marriages between Indo-Trinidadian Women and Afro-Trinidadian Men
Clark, Merald Robin1995Marquardt, WilliamFaces and figureheads : the masks of prehistoric South Florida
Clausen, Carl Jon1964?The A-356 site and the Florida archaic
Clauser, John W.1978Fairbanks, CharlesThe excavation of the Bethabara pottery kiln : an analysis of nineteenth century potting techniques
Cole, Ethan M2006Milbrath, SusanA Picture's Worth: Interpreting Moche Culture in the "Weaving Scene"
Connaughton, Sean2004Sassaman, KennethOnset of pottery in the subsistence economy of prehistoric hunter-gatherers of the St. Johns River Valley
Cordell, Ann Snowden1983Rice, PrudenceCeramic technology at a Weeden Island period archaeological site in North Florida
Council, Robert Bruce1975?Archaeology of the convento De San Francisco
Cox, Amy2003Burns, AllanPolitics of Conservation and Consumption: The Vicuna Trade in Peru
Cozatt, Gary Mark1982Doughty, PaulAn Analysis of Informational and Social Systems in a Bureaucracy: Spring Lake State Hospital
Crawford, Robert Guy Hodges1966?An archeological survey of Lenoir County, North Carolina
Crisman, Ulrike Anni2007Sassaman, KennethA Tale of Two Stages: The Shift from Worldly Power to Mythical Origin in Classic Maya Rulers at Tikal
Cumbaa, Stephen L.1972Fairbanks, CharlesAn intensive harvest economy in North Central Florida
Cusick, James Gregory1989Deagan, KathleenChange in pottery as a reflection of social change : a study of Taino pottery before and after contact at the site of En Bas Saline, Haiti
Damen, Louise1974?Black English : anthropological and linguistic considerations in the training of teachers in Black dialect patterns
de Chazelles, Karen Kirner2010Spring, AnitaAgricultural Variation and Change among Batoro and Bakiga Farmers around Kibale National Park in Southwest Uganda
De Leon, Jessica Maria1992Lieberman, LeslieStable isotope analysis and paleodiet at the Bay West Site, Collier County, Florida
De Vries, Gregory2000Oliver-Smith, AnthonyPost-hurricane reconstruction in La Moskitia, Honduras
Del Vecchio, A. Isadora2009Spring, AnitaFey Yo: Reflections of Experiences of Health and Healthcare with Haitians in East Flatbush
Delancy, Kelly2015Keegan, WilliamHistory to Heritage: A Heritage Assessment of Tarpum Bay Eleuthera, The Bahamas
Dellino, Domenick J.1984Bernard, H. RussellThe impact of tourism on the quality of life on Exuma, Bahamas
Denkler, John Landon2009Baber, WillieCommunity Based Natural Resource Management: Power, Isolation, and Development in Rural Botswana
Denmark, Melissa2002Moore, JohnThe evolution of direct-entry midwifery in Florida, 1975-1999
Des Jean, Thomas Paul1986Rice, PrudenceA technological study of vessel form and function, Little Egypt Site, Georgia
Despard, Janet Faith1976Von Mering, OttoA consortium approach to encouraging mental health evaluation
Donop, Mark2005Heckenberger, MichaelSavanne Suazey Revisited
Drawdy, Shuala Martin2001Falsetti, AnthonyHomicide victim-offender relationships : motive, weapon choice, and number of injuries inflicted in Florida Medical Examiner District Eight
Dudash, Andrea Louise1996Spring, AnitaShrimp higglers in Jamaica : an analysis of an informal sector occupation
Dunnavant, Justin2013Davidson, JamesAfrican-American Mortality Amongst Inhabited Alleys in the District of Columbia: A Case of the Mt. Pleasant Plains Cemetery
Eaton, John Wallace1964?The "Taste Blindness" phenomenon among the primates
Edwards, Diana Selsor1991Doughty, PaulA description and preliminary cross-cultural comparison of American adoption
Edwards, Tahra N.2000Spring, AnitaNão bate-me! (Don't beat me!) : domestic violence in Mozambique
Ehmke, Erin2004Boinski, SueSocial interactions of alpha, natal and immigrant males with juveniles among brown capuchins (Cebus apella) in Suriname
Ellison, Tria Marie2009Sassaman, KennethIdentifying social structure through spatial patterning at Bayview, a Weeden Island coastal community in northwest Florida
Engels, Docco1985du Toit, BrianSocial and economic change in Curaca̧o : an historical perspective
England, Nora Clearman1971Hardman, MarthaAymara Verbal Derivational Suffixes
Espenshade, Christopher T.1983Rice, PrudenceCeramic ecology and aboriginal household pottery production at the Gauthier site, Florida
Espinosa, Monica L1998Schmink, MarianneUnfolding connections : state intervention and cultural politics in Colombian Amazonia
Eubanks, Thomas Hales1985Milanich, JeraldIntensive archaeological testing at the John Houstoun McIntosh Sugarhouse, Camden County, Georgia
Fairbairn, Traci Gage1979Wagley, CharlesMigration and the family in Northeast Brazil
Fisher, Erich2005Brandt, StevenA Complex Systems Theory of Technological Change: A Case Study Involving a Morphometrics Analysis of Stone Age Flake Debitage from the Horn of Africa
Fisk, Brian Robert1984Wagley, CharlesThe Jari Project : labor instability in the Brazilian Amazon
Fleming-Moran, Millicent1975?The folk view of natural causation and disease in Brazil and its relation to traditional curing practices
Fordyce, Lauren2001du Toit, BrianMaternal mortality in Haiti and Jamaica : a review of the literature
Fox, Charles Alton1987Lawless, Robert DCandomblé and community : ritual and its material benefits at Casa Branca, a Candomblé cult-house in Salvador, Bahia
Fox, Jason Matthew1998Margolis, MaxineEmployment and ethnicity among Brazilian immigrants in Japan
Fradkin, Arlene1976Milanich, JeraldThe Wightman site : a study of prehistoric culture and environment on Sanibel Island, Lee County, Florida
Freas, Laurel2005Warren, MichaelForensic Analysis of Saw Marks in Bone: An Assessment of Wear-Related Features of the Kerf Wall
Frechette, Jackson2007Boinski, SueSquirrel monkey aerial alarm calls and predator aversion as proxy measures of perceived risk in a heterogeneous Suriname forest
Gangotena Granizo, Francisco Javier1974Doughty, PaulThe Socio-Economic System of An Ecuadorean Indian Community
Garmany, William Hampton1974?Adaptive strategies and three family businesses in the Florida citrus industry
Gibbs, Tyson Lee1977Von Mering, OttoDefinitions of community and the context of a community mental health center
Gilliland, Marion Spjut1965?The material culture of Key Marco, Florida
Gluckman, Stephen Jonathan1967?Underwater archeology: theory and method
Godwin, Carol2002Marquardt, WilliamArchaeological auger surveys of the coastal Pineland Site Complex, Lee County, Florida
Goin, Coleman Jett, Jr.1986Purdy, BarbaraBackyard archaeology at the Kings Bay Plantation site, Camden County, Georgia
Goldburt, Jules S.1966?The archeology of Shired Island
Goldman, Roberta Elle1985Oliver-Smith, AnthonyPlanning and development in a post-disaster situation : the reconstruction of Yungay, Peru.
González, Diana Haydée1979Doughty, PaulCuban exiles in the United States : women, sex roles, and psychoactive drug use
Greenhood, William Fredric1971?Diets and ecology of crop-raiding baboons
Greer, Katisha2001Moore, JohnAgainst the miscegenation taboo : an ethnographic approach to interracial marriages
Griffin, Karen Lou1985Dougherty, MollyFreestanding emergency centers and the use of vignettes to triage health problems
Griffin, Patricia A Conaway1977du Toit, BrianMullet on the beach : the Minorcans of Florida, 1768-1788
Hall, Heather Laurel1996Lieberman, LeslieHIV-related beliefs and behaviors among long-haul truckers in south Florida
Hamano, Shoko Saito1980Hardman, MarthaEnglish intonation : children's acquisition of interactional competence
Hamilton, Jennifer M1980Fairbanks, CharlesEarly history and excavation of the LeConte-Woodmanston Plantation
Hare, Lizzy2011Emery, KittyIntegrating Archaeobotany and Zooarchaeology at the Classic Maya Site of Motul de San Jose, Guatemala
Harris, Donald Alvin1969?Fort Conde: a problem in salvage archaeology
Harshbarger, Camilla1986Bernard, H. RussellAgricultural credit in San Vito, Costa Rica
Haskell, David2003Gillespie, SusanHistory and the Construction of Hierarchy and Ethnicity in the Prehispanic Tarascan State: A Syntagmatic Analysis of the Relacion de Michoacan
Hefner, Joseph Timothy2003Warren, MichaelAssessing nonmetric cranial traits currently used in forensic determination of ancestry
Hemmings, Christopher Andrew1999Milanich, JeraldThe Paleoindian and Early Archaic tools of Sloth Hole (8JE121) : an inundated site in the Lower Aucilla River, Jefferson County, Florida
Henderson, Leah2014Stepp, J. RickBeggars Sitting on a Sack of Gold?: Local Stakeholder Perceptions of Large-Scale Mining in Ecuador
Henk, Daniel Wallace1980du Toit, BrianInnovation in the Lunda imperial system : the role of the Mwant Yav
Hennessy, Catherine Hagan1983Von Mering, OttoCulture in the use, care, and control of the aging body
Hill, James Scott1999Hansen, ArtThe social dimensions of forest use and biodiversity conservation around the proposed Mabeta-Boliwe Forest Reserve in southwest Cameroon
Hoffman, Charles Andrew1963?Archaeological investigations on Antigua, West Indies
Hogle, Janice A.1975?Wole Soyinka's A dance of the forests: a strategy of symbolic action
Honerkamp, Nicholas1975Fairbanks, CharlesThe material culture of Fort Frederica--The Thomas Hird lot
Hooper, Pride Evelyne Mary1978Doughty, PaulThe Black Death and its effect on the rise of the doctrine of witchcraft in Europe
Hotzman, Jennifer2004Daegling, DavidDietary Consistency and Sutural Morphology: The Complexity of the Mid-Palatal Suture in Procolobus badius and Colobus polykomos
Huanca, Tomas1987Hardman, MarthaThe Yatiri in Aymara communities
Hussey, R. Scott2005Schmidt, PeterConstruction of the Top of the Egyptian Pyramids: An Experimental Test of a Levering Device
Illingworth, Linda Catherine1977Von Mering, OttoCrisis intervention in a rural area : an analysis of induced change
Infante, Felipe2014McCarty, ChristopherA Social Network Explanation for Reciprocal Cooperation in Traditional and Mechanized Agricultural Systems in the Secano Interior, Chile
Jamison, Laura Jervis2007Chalfin, BrendaAlienated citizens in search of a state
Jardine, Andrea Frieda1984du Toit, BrianEndlovini: A Case Study of a South African Squatter Community
Jenkins, Jessica (Jessi)2016Sassaman, KennethArchaeological Evidence of Oyster Mariculture in the Lower Suwannee Region of Gulf Coastal Florida
Jenks, Clifford Joseph2006Sassaman, KennethRethinking Culture History in Florida: An Analysis of Ceramics from the Harris Creek Site (8VO24) on Tick Island in Volusia County, Florida
Jin, Sungwon2001Oliver-Smith, AnthonyThe "Self-Reliance Strategy" of the Imvepi Sudanese refugee settlement in nothern Uganda
Johnson, Robert Emmett1981Fairbanks, CharlesArcheological site density within the Peace River Valley, Florida
Joos, Sandra Kay1979Lieberman, LeslieSocial and cultural aspects of diabetes mellitus among the Florida Seminole
Katzmarzyk, Cheryl Louise1998Anton, SusanEvidence of stress in a precolumbian population from mound G at the Crystal River site, Florida
Kauffman, Laurie Marie2004Boinski, SueNo Easy Answers: Male-Male Relationships of Surinamese Brown Capuchins as a Result of Complex Interactions and Multiple Variables
Kavountzis, Erol2009Emery, KittyEvaluating Cave Use Through Spatial Analysis of Animal Remains from Maya Caves in Guatemala and Belize
Kawa, Nicholas (Nick)2008Oyuela-Caycedo, AugustoUse and management of Amazonian Dark Earth in Borba, Amazonas, Brazil
Kay, Michael2010Emery, KittyZooarchaeology and Human-Environment Interactions at Pre-Columbian Sitio Drago, Panama
Keel, Jason2006Murray, GeraldDo Sufis Dream of Electronic Sheikhs? The Role of Technology in American Religious Communities
Keifer, Dorion2005Daegling, DavidLast lumbar facet and pedicle orientation in orthograde primates
Kelly, James Michael1972Kimball, SolonAn analysis of the relationships between the defense institution and the community
Kiel, Michelle2006Chalfin, BrendaBoundaries and bureaucrats higher education reform in Madagascar
Kitner, Kathi R.1986Doughty, PaulThe fishermen of Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo : stability and change in the Mexican Caribbean
Kohler, Timothy Alan1975Milanich, JeraldThe garden patch site : a minor Weeden Island ceremonial center on the north peninsular Florida Gulf coast
Konyha, Elaine Hiscock1976?Political process in Buganda 1850-1899
Koogler, Carol Cross1977Kimball, SolonNatural groupings among kindergarteners and the ordering of behavior
Koyama, Chieko1998Margolis, MaxineReturn migration of Japanese-Brazilians : the transformations of ethnic identity in the country of their ancestors
Kozuch, Laura1991Wing, ElizabethUse of shark products by prehistoric peoples in south Florida
Kwachka, Patricia Butler1970Markel, NormanNegro speech variation : a paralinguistic analysis of a southern folk belief
Laman-Hynes, Becky L1983du Toit, BrianPastoral production systems with emphasis on the African pastoralist
Lamb, Mary Teresia R1983Milanich, JeraldBoudreaux site (16 JE 53), Jefferson Parish, Louisiana : Marksville settlement patterning
Lasseter, Ava2006Collings, PeterLobsters Are Like Gold: Perceptions of Resource Access and Management in a Mexican Common Property Fishery
Lawson, Sally Ann1975Von Mering, OttoConflict of sub-cultures in development : a case study of the Agency for International Development and university technical assistance in India
Le, Kim2014Daegling, DavidUsing Cross-Sectional Properties to Investigate the Advent of Walking in a Sample of Central Californian Amerindian Children
Leader, Jonathan Max1985Milanich, JeraldMetal artifacts from Fort Center : aboriginal metal working in the southeastern United States
Lee, Steckley Louise2006Magnarella, PaulRules, Regulations, and Rebellions: The Struggle for Human Rights in an Era of Neoliberal Trade and Development
Lemos, Alessandra M1998Margolis, MaxineThe Macuxi Indians of Roraima : cattle raising, land, and ethnic identity
Lett, James William, Jr.1980Nunez, Theron A. Jr.Tourism and culture change on Virgin Gorda : perspectives on patterns and processes
Lewis, Kenneth E.1969Fairbanks, CharlesThe history and archeology of Spalding's Lower Store (PU-23) Putnam County, Florida
Litka, Stephanie Joann2004Burns, AllanBa'ax T'aan Hablaremos in School? Language Choice among Yucatec Mayan Students in Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Liu, Chin-hsin (Kathy)2005Krigbaum, JohnChildhood stress of an iron age population from taiwan using linear enamel hypoplasia and porotic hyperostosis as stress indicators
Long, George Ashley1976?Archaeological study for the Pensacola Shoreline Drive
Loucks, Lana Jill1976Milanich, JeraldEarly Alachua tradition burial ceremonialism: the Henderson mound, Alachua County, Florida
Lowder, Monica Anne1989Doughty, PaulNorthern Chilean varieties of Aymara
Luykx, Aurolyn1989Burns, AllanLanguage, gender, and education in a Bolivian Aymara community
Lynch, Alana2004deFrance, SusanFaunal procurement practice on antebellum plantations
Magee, Pennie Lou1986Margolis, MaxinePlants, medicine, and health care in Amazonia : a case study of Ita ?
Martinez, Carlos A.1975?Culture sequence on the Central Georgia coast, 1000 B.C. - 1650 A.D.
Martinez, Rafael1979Von Mering, OttoAfro-Cuban Santeria among the Cuban-Americans in Dade County, Florida : a psycho-cultural approach
Maxwell, Chad2004Murray, GeraldWaxing Exodus: An Exploration of Material Culture, Development and Migration in Rancho de los Platanos, Dominican Republic
Mayne, Hannah2012Kugelmass, JackNofharim: An Ethnography of Women in a Jewish West Bank Settlement
McCarty, Christopher1985Bernard, H. RussellDevelopment among the Otomi of the Mezquital Valley, Mexico : the case of Lagunita
McDaniel, Joshua1995Burns, AllanCommunal fisheries management in the Peruvian Amazon : socioeconomic motivations and biological parameters
McEwan, Bonnie Gair1983Wing, ElizabethSpanish colonial adaptation on Hispaniola : the archaeology of area 35, Puerto Real, Haiti
McFarlane, Suzanne S.1975?The ethnoarcheology of a slave community: the Couper plantation site
McGee, Ray Murel1995Purdy, BarbaraFired-clay objects : cooking technology from the Florida shell mound archaic at Groves Orange Midden (8-Vo-2601) Florida
McGinnes, Michael2007Falsetti, AnthonySex determination by discriminant function analysis of Native American crania from Florida and Georgia
McGough, Edward Dent1974Kimball, SolonA description of the white, senior friendship system of a suburban high school: observations on behavioral variations and their implications.
McKay, James Tuell1987Hardman, MarthaLanguage structure, worldview and culture contact : understanding Aymara culture and history in a Bolivian context
McMichael, Alan E1982Milanich, JeraldA cultural resource assessment of Horrs Island, Collier County, Florida
McMurray, Jr., Carl Dempsey1975?The archeology of a mestizo house
McMurray, Judith Angley1973?The definition of the ceramic complex at San Juan del Puerto
Merchant, Richard K1986Maples, WilliamThe use of close-range photogrammetry in craniometrics
Middleton Keirn, Susan1971?Roles, statuses, and family life among urban African women
Milanich, Jerald1968Fairbanks, CharlesA definition of the Alachua archeological tradition
Miralles, Maria Andrea1986Burns, AllanHealth-seeking behavior of Guatemalan refugees in South Florida
Mitchell, Linda Eve1973?Socialization of young captive spider monkeys, Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi
Moore, Sue Ann Mullins1977Fairbanks, CharlesArcheological Survey and Excavation in the Paynes Prairie State Preserve
Morera, Maria1999Gladwin, ChristinaAt the crossroads : soil conservation and livelihood strategies on the hillsides of Honduras
Mrozinske, Nicholas2002Moore, JohnEnumerating the racialized "Other" : the role racial categorization has in white racial formation, the masking of white privilege and the whitewashing of America
Murphree, Alice Hansen1963Kimball, SolonStatus awareness within a hospital employee sub-group
Music, Amy Byrd2006Moore, JohnSpatial Theory in the Native American Boarding School Program: Cultural Influence through Landscape
Mwango, Emmanuel N1986Hansen, ArtThe sources of variation in farmer adoption of government recommended technologies in the Lilongwe Rural Development Program (LRDP) area of Central Malawi
Nash, Donna Jean1996Moseley, MichaelCerro Petroglifo : settlement pattern and social organization of a residential Wari community
Neville, Gwen Kennedy1968Taylor, Carolyn DickinsonThe structure and function of child-rearing study groups
Newsom, Lee Ann Marti1986Purdy, BarbaraPlants, human subsistence, and environment : a case study from Hontoon Island (8-VO-202), Florida
Nickens, Lois Carolyn1982Lieberman, LeslieFactors affecting eating patterns and nutritional status of older Americans
Nodine, Bruce Key1986Purdy, BarbaraSociety and the universal problem of refuse disposal : an anthropological analysis
Noriega, Marcela1985Hardman, MarthaEthnography of the professional Panamanian woman in the capital city of Panana
Norton-Staal, Sarah J1989Spring, AnitaGender, agriculture and social change : St. Lucia and Western Kenya compared
O'Day, Patrick2002Sassaman, KennethLate Archaic freshwater mussel exploitation along the Middle Savannnah River
O'Meara, Noreen Catherine1972?Punta Verde: an anthropological profile of a Mexican "boomtown"
Pace, Richard Brown1983Wagley, CharlesThe churches of poverty : religion's role in distributing aid in a shantytown of Belem, Brazil
Painter, Michael David1978?Alternatives to subsistence agriculture in two districts of Huancané Province, Peru
Palmiotto, Andrea2011Marquardt, WilliamEnvironmental and Cultural Transitions as Reflected in the Zooarchaeology of Pineland's Old Mound (8LL37)
Partridge, William1969Kimball, SolonThe hippie ghetto: the natural history of a subculture
Patton, Robert Barnet1994Marquardt, WilliamThe temporal contexts of prehistoric shell artifacts from southwest Florida : a case study of the Pineland Site complex
Pereira, Karen2009Gillespie, SusanPlain but not Simple: Middle Preclassic Stone Monuments of Naranjo, Guatemala
Peseckas, Ryan2008Murray, GeraldDividing the Waters: Resource Use, Ethnic Relations, and Community-Based Management among Fishermen on the Southern Haitian-Dominican Border
Phillips, Carson2008Boinski, SueSaimiri sciureus and Cebus apella Mixed-Species Associations in Raleighvallen, Suriname: Ultimate Functions and Proximate Mechanisms
Picchi, Debra1978Margolis, MaxineEconomic exchange among the Nafuqua Indians of Central Brazil
Pober, Deborah Faye1996Milanich, JeraldDemographics, health, and sociopolitical organization of Ross Hammock, Florida (8Vo131a)
Powers, Sandra1979Paredes, JamesThe image of native Americans as portrayed in popular magazines 1968-1978
Price, Jennifer Louise1990du Toit, BrianThe climacteric experience of Khmer (Cambodian) refugee women
Prost, Gilbert1983Lawless, Robert DChácobo : society of equality
Pyle, Ransford Comstock1969Nunez, Theron A. Jr.The theory, methods, and techniques of legal anthropology
Randall, Asa2002Sassaman, KennethTechnofunctional variation in Early Side-Notched hafted bifaces : a view from the Middle Tennessee River Valley in northwest Alabama
Roberson, James Earl1984Lawless, Robert DLabor lay-offs in the Jamaican bauxite-alumina industry : workerand community adaptations to world recession
Rodriguez, Edda2000Sassaman, KennethArchaeology and the study of gender : a review of literature and the application of gender archaeology in Spanish Florida
Ruple, Steven Douglas1976?Archeology at Horton House
Russo, Michael Anthony1986Sigler-Eisenberg (Sigler-Lavelle), BrendaThe Coevolution of Environment and Human Exploitation of Faunal Resources in The Upper St. John's River Basin
Saffer, Marian1979Rice, PrudenceAboriginal clay resource utilization on the Georgia coast
Saunders, Rebecca Ann1986Rice, PrudenceAttribute variability in Late Swift Creek phase ceramics from Kings Bay, Georgia
Sayles, Myrna Joy1971?New dimensions on the relationship of space to human behavior
Schmidt, Dwight Leigh1979Kimball, SolonChanges in agricultural practices and social networks in town and country settings in contemporary rural north Wales
Scott, Elizabeth May1984Wing, ElizabethFrench subsistence at Fort Michilimackinac, 1715-1781 : the clergy and traders
Self, Casey2007Daegling, DavidRole of the periodontal ligament in occlusal load transfer implications for finite element models
Selfridge, Willa Perrine1969?An analysis of adjustment behavior in stigmatized adults
Shaeff, Gary William1990Margolis, MaxineIgloos of fire : charcoal production for Brazil's Programa Grande Carajas
Sharpe, Ashley2011Emery, KittyBeyond Capitals and Kings: A Comparison of Animal Resource Use among Ten Late Classic Maya Sites
Shelley, Joyce Karen1975du Toit, BrianTownship teens : a study of socialization processes among urban black schoolgirls in South Africa
Shtulman, Robin Paige1995Deagan, KathleenAcculturation in the Spanish colonies : a comparison of sixteenth-century St. Augustine and Puerto Real
Sinelli, Pete2001Keegan, WilliamArchaeological investigations of two prehistoric sites representing a Hispaniolan colonization of Middle Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands
Singleton, Theresa A.1977Fairbanks, CharlesThe archaeology of a pre-18th century house site in St. Augustine
Skafte, Peter1969?Conflict and tacit agreement: a study of Seminole social interaction
Smith, Greg Charles1986Deagan, KathleenNon-European pottery at the sixteenth century spanish site of Puerto Real, Haiti.
Smith, Samuel David1971?A reinterpretation of the Cades Pond archeological period
Smith, Vania2001du Toit, BrianEthnomedical agroforestry : ethnoecological practices among Nahua Chamanes of the Huasteca region in Veracruz, Mexico
Spivack, Tybel Burman1979Doughty, PaulOfficially old in Alachua County
Stans, Susan Enns1990du Toit, BrianWomen's work : the employment and subsistence of Xhosa women and other Nguni-speaking women in South Africa
Stearman, Allyn MacLean1973Carter, WilliamSan Rafael : Camba town
Stern, Linda Ann1999Burns, AllanBoundaries of exile, thresholds of return : an ethnography of refugee transformation
Stewart, Jodi Suzanne1998Gladwin, ChristinaAdolescent mothers in urban South Florida talk about contraception : exploring their contraceptive decisions and perceptions
Stocks, Gabriela2007Oliver-Smith, AnthonyGovernance and management of the Upper Acre River in Pando, Bolivia
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Dissertation Titles: Full Listing

Copies of the dissertations are available through UF libraries; some are available electronically through the UF library website.
A complete listing of the dissertations of those who received a PhD in Anthropology from UF, since 1971

Student NamePhD Committee ChairPhD YearDissertation Title
Abel, Suzanne CoyleFalsetti, Anthony2004Biocultural variation of skeletal trauma in contemporary Greeks
Abel, Thomas DudleyKeegan, William2000Ecosystems, sociocultural systems, and ecological economics for understanding development : the case of ecotourism on the island of Bonaire, N.A.
Akins, John Keithdu Toit, Brian1998God, guns, and guts : religion and violence in Florida militias.
Akwabi-Ameyaw, Kofidu Toit, Brian1988Government agricultural resettlement policy and the responses of farmers in Zimbabwe
Allen, Mary Barbotdu Toit, Brian2002Medical pluralism in operation in a squatter settlement (gecekondu) in Istanbul : tradition, exchange, and agency
Allison, Paige (Lado)Burns, Allan2005Mathematics, Culture, and Questions: A Study in the Culture of the Mathematics Classroom through a Random Questioning Experiment
Al-Madani, Mohamed EHarris, Marvin1995Primary health care and the contradictions between enlightenment philosophy and medieval sovereignty : a case study from Jeddah-Saudi Arabia
Ammar, Nawal HamedBurns, Allan1988An Egyptian Village Growing Up: Silwa, The Governorate of Aswan
Anderson, JudithHarrison, Faye2010Converging and Diverging Diasporic Identities in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Anderson, Reba LawEddy, Elizabeth1982School and Community: A Profile of Cultural Variation
Anonyuo-Nwaenyi, FeliciaHarrison, Faye2009Beyond the Economic Impetus for Migration: Pre-migration Cognitions, Subjectivities and Occidentalisms in the African Postcolony
Arfi, KhadidjaSchmidt, Peter2014Algerians Remember: an Oral History French Colonial Encounter in Dellys Town and Villages
Arnold, MarigeneNunez, Theron A. Jr.1973Mexican women : the anatomy of a stereotype in a mestizo village
Arriola, LuisBurns, Allan2005Agency at the frontier and the building of territoriality in the Naranjo-Ceibo corridor, Petén, Guatemala
Arthur, John WoodBrandt, Steven2000Ceramic ethnoarchaeology among the Gamo of southwestern Ethiopia
Arthur, Kathryn Jane WeedmanBrandt, Steven2000An ethnoarchaeological study of stone scrapers among the Gamo people of southern Ethiopia
Arturo, Ruben JulianDoughty, Paul1994In purgatory : Mayan immigrants in Indiantown and West Palm Beach, south Florida
Ashley, KeithMilanich, Jerald2003Interaction, Population Movement, and Political Economy: The Changing Social Landscape of Northeastern Florida (A.D. 900-1500)
Austin, Robert JamesMilanich, Jerald1997The economics of lithic-resource use in South-Central Florida
Austin-Smith, Dana ElizabethMaples, William1996Estimating ancestral origin of human skulls with maxillary and mandibular morphometrics
Avery, George EDeagan, Kathleen1997Pots as packaging : the Spanish olive jar and Andalusian transatlantic commercial activity, 16th-18th centuries
Bagby, Douglas IanGuillette, Elizabeth2007Transnational Processes, Communication, and Interpersonal Relationships of International Elementary School Students in an English for Speakers of Other Languages Program
Baker, Patricia KingLieberman, Leslie2008Biocultural correlates of chronic pelvic pain in women
Barkey, NanetteBernard, H. Russell2002Intracultural variation in blood pressure in Beira, Mozambique
Barnes, Kathleen CMurray, Gerald1992The role of household pests in the epidemiological transition of allergy : modernization of the domestic environment in Barbados
Barrios, RobertoBurns, Allan2004Flying rooftops and matchbox houses: politics of knowledge, performative realities, and the materialization of crisis in the reconstruction of Southern Honduras after Hurricane Mitch
Batun-Alpuche, Adolfo IvanGillespie, Susan2009Agrarian Production and Intensification at a Postclassic Maya Community, Buena Vista, Cozumel, Mexico
Bay, James Alvah JrLieberman, Leslie1997Transsexual and transvestite sex workers : sexuality, marginality and HIV risks in Miami
Bezerra, Maria Enedina LimaMargolis, Maxine2002The road to spiritism
Biery-Hamilton, Gay MaureneSchmink, Marianne1994Economic strategies and changing environmental systems in a Brazilian Amazon community
Biglow, BradMoore, John2001Ethno-nationalist politics and cultural preservation : education and bordered identities among the Wixaritari (Huichol) of Tateikita, Jalisco, Mexico
Blakney-Bailey, Jane AnneMilanich, Jerald2007Analysis of Historic Creek and Seminole Settlement Patterns, Town Design, and Architecture: The Paynes Town Seminole Site (8AL366), a Case Study
Bolanos, OmairaOliver-Smith, Anthony2008Constructing indigenous ethnicities and claiming land rights in the lower Tapajós and Arapiuns region, Brazilian Amazon
Bonilla, Zobeida VegaBurns, Allan1998Work, illness, and healing among women workers in nontraditional agriculture in the San Felipe Valley, Dominican Republic
Boyer, Willet A IIIMarquardt, William2010The Acuera of the Ocklawaha River Valley: Keepers of Time in the Land of the Waters
Boynton, Sylvia S.Hardman, Martha1982Mikasuki grammar in outline
Brana Shute, GaryMoore, G. Alexander1974Streetcorner winkels and dispersed households : male adaptation to marginality in a lower class creole neighborhood in Paramaribo.
Bridgman Sweeney, KaraSassaman, Kenneth2013A Complex Web of History and Artifact Types in the Early Archaic Southeast
Briggs, Lucy TherinaHardman, Martha1976Dialectal variation in the Aymara language of Bolivia and Peru
Brodrecht, AnnaBurns, Allan2012Development Programs as Cultural Encounters: Locating Culture in Three Development Programs in Yucatan, Mexico
Brown, Burton J (BJ)Guillette, Elizabeth2010The Utility and Efficacy of Human Materialism As an Anthropological Research Strategy for the Analysis of Sociocultural, Economic, and Political History
Bryan, Gloria BrooksDougherty, Molly1992The well-being of an urban African-American community
Bugarin, FlordelizSchmidt, Peter2002Trade and interaction on the Eastern Cape frontier : an historical archaeological study of the Xhosa and the British during the early nineteenth century
Burns, Karen Ramey SnedakerMaples, William
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