Super Mario Galaxy 2 Squizzard Music Extended Essay

Squizzard is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2, who is fought in the Slipsand Galaxy in World 5. He lives in a sinkhole, where he viciously guards his territory by throwing objects at Mario. His name is likely a portmanteau of the words "squid" and "lizard".


Squizzard looks like a reptilian-like creature with small arms and a two-toothed beak which resembles the one of a Koopa Troopa. He has round eyes with brown eyebrows and a Mohawk-like rock attached to his head. His arms have thick wrists and slightly smaller hands, with three fingers on each hand and, on each finger, brown, sharp nails.


Squizzard mainly attacks by throwing spherical projectiles at Mario. When Mario first lands on the planet the battle will not start until Mario gets close to the battlefield's center. Once Mario does this, Squizzard pops out and will begin to throw rocks at Mario. After several rocks have been thrown, he will open his mouth. To damage him, Mario must grab a Fire Flower and toss a fireball in his mouth, stunning him. Mario must then toss four more fireballs into Squizzard's mouth to damage him once.

After the first number of times hit, Squizzard will start to throw spiky spheres at Mario. He may occasionally toss yellow spiky spheres that will release a Coin when it hits the ground. Mario can take advantage of this to recover any injuries he may have received. Mario will need to repeat his previous tactics to damage the sandy monster.

Once enough times hit again, Squizzard will create cannons that fire the same spiky spheres, and occasionally yellow spiky spheres. The cannons can be defeated with a Fire Flower but they will regenerate after some time passes. Squizzard will once again change tactics - he will toss two large bombs at the plumber. Mario will need to dodge until Squizzard opens his mouth; which he does after he tosses his bombs. Mario will repeat his fireball technique one more time and Squizzard will be defeated.

Squizzard is fought twice, with the second fight being under the Daredevil conditions.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Portmanteau of "sand" and doron. Doron is a Japanese onomatopoeia for sudden disappearance.
French (NOE)OvizardPortmanteau of ovipare and lézard.
ItalianSabbiocertolaPortmanteau of sabbia (sand) and lucertola (lizard).


  • Squizzard's theme is just percussion with very simple instruments over it. However, when Mario gets a Fire Flower, the music becomes a unique Fire Flower theme that can only be heard in this battle.
Squizzard summoning up Cannons

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