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Unlike essay writing in XAT, Written Ability Test is not a part of CAT on line computer based test. IIMs and other B schools individually put the candidate to take this test in time duration from 15 to 30 minutes.The expectation is to understand the topic in accordance with its key words and form the piece of writing in a logical and coherent manner. It accounts for 10 to 20 percentage points in final admission round.Candidates may expect questions in their Personal Interview round out of their written essay.

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Written Ability Test: Time is limited

Good writing requires dedication and concentration, and time. While you have former two at your disposal the latter (time) is limited- so it has be managed in the best professional way. Your essay may be the first one, in middle order or may be the last to be examined by the designated examiner. Unless you have something different and interesting to write-how do you expect him to read it the way you want? Essay must not turn into a nightmare of confused paragraphs and differing styles that sometimes is not even properly read by the examiner. You have to practice writing with a thoughtful writing-style.

What could be the subjects for WAT Topics?

Topics in WAT are mostly based on current affairs, socio political happenings, business and economics, International affairs, philosophy. Recent trends show that IIMs are gradually focussing more on Socio-political or socio economic aspects in choosing the topics for WAT.

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Is there any syllabus for WAT?

Since WAT topics have no fixed syllabus, candidates can be asked to write on any topic under the Sun. The most important aspect of WAT is how do you the approach the topic as it is going to test your knowledge and understanding with your way of presentation. Following few points are very much needed to write a good essay in limited time period.

You can’t write without Knowing the key terms

Every subject has its terminology. A candidate is supposed to know the same to the standard that is expected from a well educated person whatever the topic could be.

Examples of topics on Economy- Inefficiency of public distribution system; Privatisation of Economy; Capitalism vs. socialism; Financial crisis; Budget; Disinvestment in PSUs; Role of Public Private Partnership; Fiscal and Monetary policy; Economic growth in India Vs China and others- need the understanding of economic terms to base your thought process with no ambiguity.

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You are supposed to know the key terms like Public sector and Private sector; What’s budget, its key components, difference between deficit and surplus, revenue and expenditure; what’s the difference between Fiscal and Monetary policy, who formulates and implements them; tools like progressive taxation, CRR, Bank rate, Repo rate, SLR.

Examples of Topics on Politics  

How can we make youth politically more active; Women's Reservation Bill; Ban politicians with criminal records from contesting elections; Pre election opinion polls; crumbling Democracy; Presidential vs Parliamentary democracy. 

Before proceeding to write, think whether you are aware what are the ingredients of Women reservation bill; what are pre election polls or exit polls-are they prevalent in our country? What stuff do you have in your mind? Whether you are aware about the different forms of Government in a democratic system else how would you rate any of them better or worse?

Examples of Topics on Social issues

Corporate social responsibility; Portraying women in advertisements show gender bias; Social media is a waste of time; Role of women in social change; Society bears the brunt of terrorism.

The need is to know what could be the relation between corporate sector and society in general; how the gender does bias is depicted in picture and in language; where does terrorism hit the social well being, how does it grow, what can society do to nip the menace in bud.

Make the understanding clear

There can be hundreds of such issues and you may be asked to write an essay on any one of them. But one thing is clear, if you know the key words, have an understanding of their application, you may write well. The need will be to follow the undernoted writing tips.

Key writing tips to improve the score 

Final admission depends on WAT and PI round to a great extent as the weightage to this round is more than the CAT percentile. If an essay is written with a clear and coherent flow of thought with rich contents, it may get the candidate through the last round of admission process. The crucial role, this essay writing plays, is the candidate’s ability to face the Board and answer the penetrating questions based on whatever was expressed in the essay.

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Following are the Ingredients that you should possess before writing the essay

a. Good command over the topic/subject
b. Clear and Coherent flow of thought
c. Ability to recollect the facts and examples, and insert them at the appropriate place

d. Ability to write effectively with correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation in good handwriting

How to begin, form the body and conclude

a. Give a few seconds to outline what you are going to write

b.Practice well before the WAT day to write in paragraphs

c. One paragraph should have one idea gradually moving forward to concluding part

d. Begin with what you are going to write in the essay; introduce well; explain well in the body of the essay which is the main idea and should have good subject knowledge; conclude with logic on whatever you have already written

Last but not the least

a. Before moving forward to write, read the direction attentively

b. Words like Analyse, describe, narrate, discuss, comment, examine, critically examine have different meaning and the essay is to be written accordingly. Understand the words and give due weightage to them.

c. Avoid using abbreviations, slangs and write complete words and sentences.

d. Quotations/citations should have acknowledgements else don’t use them

e.Write appropriate vocabulary words in simple and crisp language. Avoid using idioms and phrases if you are not well versed with them

f. Don’t write anything superfluous which you may not be able to explain in your PI round

Quick Preparation tips for WAT 2014

a. Read articles on contemporary social, economic, political, national and international issues

b. Read the Newspaper editorials, specific articles by distinguished people to have a clear and unambiguous flow of thought.

c. WAT topics on site may prove to be a great help

d. Books containing short essays on current topics can be another source of preparation.

e. More practice only can build your confidence since writing is hard work for the new and experienced writer alike. With a lot of practice, you’ll eventually get to that more confident place.

f. Read something basic, not directly in your field of expertise. There’s a host of journals and most fields have journals that are considered very good in their field. Reading good literature in general is essential to re-training your brain to good English construction and style.

g. Your reader is your examiner so think twice before writing anything irrelevant. Avoid stretching too far your ideas and incorporate necessary figures, data, terms and concepts, if you understand them well
Much like drawing or playing a musical instrument- you may learn the art of writing in a short time and before the WAT day. So don’t wait, begin today.

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Solved WAT Essay topic for Admission 2014

WAT Topic for MBA: 2014 General elections will be a watershed for Indian democracy

WAT Topic for MBA: Corruption is the root cause of current economic and social woes in India

WAT Topic for MBA: India`s 1.2 billion population is an asset for the country

WAT Topic for MBA: India has more skilled Human Resource

WAT Topic for MBA: Indo-US relations; how much beneficial for India

WAT Topic for MBA: FDI in multi brand retail is a boon or bane

WAT Topic for MBA: Is ASEAN a defunct Group

WAT Topic for MBA: Essay writing; fasten your belts

Essay Writing and WAT in IIMs: Role, Importance and Weightage

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Solved GD Topics for MBA Admission 2014 :

GD Topic for MBA: What India gained at the WTO DOHA Round

GD topic for MBA: Political activism is the only way to root out corruption

GD Topic for MBA: New Lokpal will be effective in curbing corruption

GD Topics: Gender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements

GD Topic for MBA: RBI's new governor has taken adequate steps to improve Indian Economy

GD Topic for MBA: Corruption is the root cause for Indian Economy slowdown

GD Topic for MBA: The rise in vegetable prices is a man made farce

GD Topic for MBA: Opinion Polls be banned in pre election period

GD Topic for MBA: Should business lobbying be made legal in India?

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  2. IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2014-16
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  2. IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2014-16
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Six New IIMs

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With most of the MBA exams like CATXAT, NMATSNAPTISS-NETIIFT entrance over now, brings you a series on toppers’ GD-PI-WAT experience.

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In this interview, CAT topper Prakriti Sharma who secured admission to IIM Kozhikode, shares her experiences on the second stage of admission process that included WAT (Written Ability Test) and Personal Interview (PI).  A Graduate in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi.


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The CAT topper elaborates on the WAT-PI factors which influenced her selection at IIM Kozhikode. Prakriti advises aspirants to be thorough with everything that they write on their CV for the Personal Interview stage.


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 For any doubt and query related to GD, PI and WAT/Essay Writing, call the GD PI WAT helpline number, 011- 40 360 360.


Personal Interview (PI) experience:


Careers360: How many members were there in your interview board?

Prakriti Sharma: There were two members in my interview board.


Careers360:  How was the interview structured? What was the percentage of questions asked on your academic background, professional experience, and generic issues?

Prakriti Sharma: There were a few basic questions from academics and a brief discussion about my work experience, however, the interview primarily revolved around my extra-curricular activities and interests.


Careers360: What was the toughest area for you to answer?

Prakriti Sharma: Most of the technical questions asked to me were pretty basic and other questions were about me so I found it easy to tackle questions


Careers360:  What was the toughest moment during your PI?

Prakriti Sharma: There was one question with regard to use of percentiles in professional spaces but I admitted that I was unsure about my answer and they skipped it and moved on.


Careers360: What were the key factors which you think influenced your selection at PI stage?





“I think it is extremely important to be thorough with everything that is written on CV. It is alright to not be able to answer some questions with regard to current affairs and academics but the inability to answer questions about oneself is unpardonable.”





Prakriti Sharma:  I think it is extremely important to be thorough with everything that is written on CV. It is alright to not be able to answer some questions with regard to current affairs and academics but the inability to answer questions about oneself is unpardonable.


Careers360:  What is your advice to aspirants for Personal Interview?

Prakriti Sharma:   I would advise aspirants to keep their cool, think on their feet and just be themselves


Careers360: How did you prepare for your PI? When and how an aspirant should seriously start preparing for PI?





“I started preparing for PI after the CAT results came out. I made an effort to ensure that I was well aware of current affairs and tried to develop opinion about pertinent issues. I would advice aspirants to start preparing for PI as early as possible because the ambit of questions that can be asked is huge”





Prakriti Sharma:   I started preparing for PI after the CAT results came out. I made an effort to ensure that I was well aware of current affairs and tried to develop opinion about pertinent issues. I would advice aspirants to start preparing for PI as early as possible because the ambit of questions that can be asked is huge.



 Written Ability Test (WAT) Experience:


Careers360:  What was your topic for WAT? How did you write on the topic (please share key highlights)

Prakriti Sharma: My topic for WAT was ‘all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery’. I wrote about the importance of democracy and talked about the 13th amendment brought by Lincoln. I talked of the Indian context as well and tried to touch upon as many different angles as possible.


Careers360: What was the allotted time and how quickly you completed your writing on the topic during the test?

Prakriti Sharma: The time allotted was 45 minutes and I completed my WAT in around 30 minutes.


Careers360:  What was your approach on WAT?

Prakriti Sharma: I first wrote down a rough structure and points and then proceed to develop on those ideas.


Careers360:   How did you prepare for your WAT?

Prakriti Sharma: I practiced a few essay topics shared online by fellow aspirants.


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