Hot Summer Day Essay

Every season has its own joys and pains; the summer in Delhi is very harsh but the respite one gets from it while indoors is so sweet that the pain is forgotten and enjoyment gets heightened.

India is a land of many seasons. We can experience the severe cold of winter, the pleasant weather during autumn and spring, the humidity of the rainy season and the harsh heat of summer.

People of Delhi have to bear extreme hot and sunny weather from March till September every year. The sun is harsh and cruel, the heat is scorching. It becomes difficult to walk in the open especially in the afternoon.

The blazing sun makes you tired and one perspires profusely. Even an umbrella cannot provide respite, You get drenched in your sweat as if you have been out in the rain.

One looks for refuge, one looks for places with shade to walk under but unfortunately, with hardly any trees around, there is no escape. It is difficult to find any shade other than the bus stops where already you can find people crowded together.

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The hot winds, which are known as ‘loo’, add to the force of the heat. If you are travelling on a two wheeler the hot winds hit you with force. The whole body seems to burn under the merciless heat of the sun.

You want to rush to the shelter of your homes where you can sit under the fan or cooler or air conditioner. As a matter of fact, it is a pain to move out during the summer days, for Delhi is like a furnace.

Even for shopping, one prefers to go to the Malls rather than to markets like Karol Bagh, Connaught Place. If rain start, it adds to our woes as it becomes humid and sultry-it is like having a sauna bath.

As a matter of fact the dry heat is better than the humidity which sets in, due to the onset of the rainy season. In the hot weather drinking cold water and having cold drinks is indeed very refreshing. I love to have Rooh Afza and also enjoy swimming. I can remain in the pool for hours together.

After 6’o clock, in the evening, it is a little better but still one cannot survive without an air conditioner. There is no doubt that one enjoys sitting at home, watching the television and playing indoor games.

Luckily for students, the month of May and June are summer holidays thus one is saved from travelling in a school bus or walking and then sitting in a hot class room under fans which appear to be moving slowly. It is painful to be sitting at one place and trying to concentrate on studies, sweating profusely though the breeze of the fan does cool you a little with your shirt drying up but the smell of sweat is so repulsive that one looks forward to going home and enjoy the luxury of the air conditioner.

Though hell outside, it is heaven inside, making summertime, with schools closed, a student’s delight.

One hot summer day, Jay and his friends were playing outside. The sun shined down on Jay and his friends as they kicked a soccer ball back and fourth. Soccer was Jay's favorite sport to play. Almost every day Jay would invite his friends from his neighborhood to come out and play soccer in the street. Jay dreamed of one day being a professional soccer player. He imagined shooting a goal and hearing the roar of thousands of people as they cheered his name throughout the soccer stadium. Jay knew it would require a lot of practice if he wished to make his dream a reality.

One day, as the sun was beaming down on the street where Jay and his friends played earlier, an ice-cream truck approached. As soon as Jay heard the ice-cream truck's music playing, he ran outside his house with two dollars in his hand. Jay looked around to see where the ice-cream truck was. As soon as he spotted it down the street he bolted towards it. Jay's friends had arrived first and were already asking the ice-cream man for a cone of their favorite flavor of ice-cream. This gave Jay time to think about what flavor to get. "Should I get chocolate or vanilla?" Jay asked himself. "What's it going to be, son?" the ice-cream man asked Jay when he noticed he was the last kid standing without an ice-cream cone. "I'll have Pistachio, please," Jay responded after some hesitation.

This summer had turned out to be the best so far for Jay. Tomorrow he would play soccer once more, and if the ice-cream truck came around, he would ask his parents for another two dollars. Jay was not looking forward to starting his school year in two weeks.

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