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Mr. Doran's website - Skyline High School - Office: 2410F - 425.873.7741 - Sammamish, WA 98075

IB World Religions - Homework

This page is intended to list any homework that was assigned. It is done in simple list form, with the most recently assigned homework up top. The date that appears on the left side of the assignment is the day the homework is due, at the beginning of class.

Unit #7: Christianity in its initial phases
3/26: study for Christianity Paper 1 test - PowerPoint from unit to study
3/23: prep for Christianity Socratic Seminar I - Prompts; PowerPoint from unit to review
3/22: study for vocab quiz - key; pp. 905-910 & 922-928
3/21: none
3/20: none
3/19: Christianity vocab due - key; pp. 851-853
3/16: none
3/15: pp. 834-842
3/14: none
3/13: Read a gospel project due (note: this includes critically reading an excerpt from Misquoting Jesus)
3/12: none
3/9: pp. 803 & 808-816 or 819-828 - everyone reads the opening of the Gospel of John (p. 803) and then pick either Gospel of Matthew (pp. 808-816) or Gospel of Mark (pp. 819-828)--though it doesn't look it, the amount of words in each reading is only different by three
3/8: Critically read background on the life of Jesus of Nazareth
3/7: pp. 793-800
3/6: pp. 737-747 with notes (note: we're back to using volume 2 as our text book)
3/5: IA due by 8:00 am on turnitin.com; print off Christianity vocab
3/2: none

Unit #6: The Religious Development of Buddhism
*****Buddhism HW packet*****
3/1: study for Buddhism paper #2 test - Powerpoints from units to review - Unit #1, Unit #2; Buddhist list of lists; Buddhism HW packet due - Shinto/Buddhist syncretism work also due (some of you have turned this in, but if you haven't I'll take it today)
2/28: Part D of IA due - print out and bring to class
2/27: Prep for Buddhism Socratic Seminar II - Buddha Rising supplemental article
2/26: none
2/16: none
2/15: Buddhist festivals webquest due; pp. 914-918
2/14: Critically read this intro on Buddhist ethics 
2/13: Part C of IA due - print out and bring to class
2/12: none
2/9: none
2/8: none
2/7: Japanese sects of Buddhism research due
2/6: read your assigned excerpt on Japanese Buddhism: Jodo - Honen's Senchakushu with a summary and text at this link, Shin - pp. 1293-1307, Rinzai - pp. 1350-1356, Soto - pp. 1307-1319 , Tendai - Saicho's theory of Tendai and esoteric Buddhism in text and summary, Shingon - pp. 1288-1293, Nichiren - pp. 1319-1327
2/5: pp. 960-973 & 979-982
2/2: Buddhist syncretism research due
2/1: none
1/31: critically read article on Shinto & Buddhism
1/30: none
1/29: no school

Unit #5 Buddhism in its initial phases
1/24-26: study for final exam
1/23: none
1/22: none
1/19: study for Buddhism multiple choice quiz - powerpoint to review
1/18: prep for Buddhism Socratic Seminar I - prompts; supplemental article on neuroscience and Buddhism; powerpoint from the  unit with page assignments
1/17: study for vocab quiz - vocab key
1/16: critically read this article on the sangha
1/15: No school, MLK Day
1/12: Buddhism vocab due; 1079-1081 & 1083-1086
1/11: none
1/10: none
1/9: pp. 885-889 & 895-898
1/8: pp. 875-883
1/5: pp. 859-863
1/4: pp. 743-754 with notes
1/3: pp. 793-801
1/2: none
12/20: none
12/19: none
12/18: pp. 734-743 with notes
12/15: none
12/14: print of Buddhism vocab; pp. 727-733 with notes
12/13: none

Unit #4: Daoism
*****Daoism HW Packet*****
12/12: study for Daoism unit test - PowerPoint from the unit to review; HW packet due
12/11: Prep for Daoism Socratic Seminar - Prompts - supplemental article on Daoism today; PowerPoint from the unit to review
12/8: study for Daoism vocab quiz - key
12/7: pp. 1646-1650 & 2048-2051
12/6: Vocab due; read your assigned excerpt based on number: 1 - pp. 1653-1658, 2 - pp. 1684-1689, 3 - pp. 1733-1734 & 1737-1741, 4 - pp. 1851-1857, 5 - pp. 2019-2023
12/5: Daoist master art due
12/4: none
12/1: none
11/30: critically read excerpt on alchemy
11/29: pp. 1561-1568
11/28: IA Parts A & B rough draft due
11/27: pp. 1521-1525 & 1530-1531
11/24: no school
11/23: no school
11/22: bring stuff for IA work time
11/21: pp. 1515-1519 & 1526-1530
11/20: pp. 1473-1474, 1479-1487, & 1492-1494 - remember we're moved back to Eastern Religions so your
pages come from vol. 1 of the Miles book. Also this is a non-fiction intro so you must take notes.

11/17: none
11/16: email Mr. Doran 2-3 ideas for you IA topic/question
11/15: Think about what interests you in religion for the internal assessment - base your thinking in and around why people do what they do and believe what they believe
11/14: print out Daoism vocab
11/13: none

Unit #3: Judaism
*****Judaism HW packet*****
11/10: no  school
11/9: Study for Judaism unit test - PowerPoint from the unit to review
11/8: Prep for Judaism Socratic Seminar - supplemental articles: "A History of Antisemitism" & "Who is a Jew?" - Prompts; PowerPoint from the unit to review
11/7: Study for Judaism vocab quiz - key
11/6: none
11/3: Judaism vocab due
11/2: pp. 147-149 & 159-163 (this is weird, cryptic, occult and eschatological, so if you're semi-confused that's ok)
11/1: Prophecy mini-project due
10/31: Examining Exodus paragraph due on turnitin.com by 8:00 am
10/30: Critically read background and theory on prophecy in religion
10/27: none
10/26: pp. 90-99
10/25: pp. 86-87 & 236-237
10/24: pp. 82-86 & 230-236
10/23: no school
10/20: none
10/19: pp. 55-66 - note were in vol. 2 for this unit (this is non-fiction/non-scripture based introduction, so you have to take notes)
10/18: print out Judaism vocab
10/17: none

Unit #2: Hinduism
*****Hinduism HW packet*****
10/16: Study for Hinduism test - PowerPoint from the unit to review; HW packet due
10/13: Prep for Socratic Seminar - supplemental article for Soc Sem: "India's War of Biryani" - Prompts; PowerPoint from the unit to review
10/12: study for vocab quiz - key; paths to devotion project due
10/11: no class, PSAT day
10/10: none
10/9: none
10/6: Hinduism vocab due
10/5: pp. 132-135
10/4: critically read this excerpt from Central Hindu Beliefs
10/3: pp. 176-177 & 183-188
10/2: Hindu gods research due; pp. 238-241, 245-250, & 263-267
9/29: none
9/28: none
9/27: none
9/26: you can print off this graphic organizer for for Hindu Gods research if you want, but you may turn in your research however you want
9/25: pp. 84-86 & 88-91 (since this is scripture you may just read closely--I recommend you take notes to remember this, but they will not be checked)
9/22: none
9/21: pp. 55-68 (this is non-fiction/non-scripture based introduction, so you have to take notes); print off Hinduism vocab
9/20: none

Unit #1: Introduction to Religion
*****Introduction to Religion HW packet*****
9/19: Study for Unit #1 tizz - vocab key; HW packet due
9/18: Religions of the World chart due; intro vocab due
9/15: none
9/14: print off religions of the world chart
9/13: Critically read "Is understanding religion compatible with believing?" & "Is there a conflict between science and religion?" (Take it slow and understand what you can--these are some of the hardest articles we read all year and we'll spend all of class discussing and debunking them tomorrow.)
9/12: pp. 6-12 - read, take notes, and write down key questions; print off intro to religion vocab
9/11: none
9/8: signed syllabus due; complete this beginning of the year survey; sign up for turnitin.com: 5th period ID: 16129199, 6th period ID: 16129212, password for both is spartans
9/7: take the Belief-o-Matic quiz and then research the ideas of your "most accurate" faith; print off or have a way to electronically read this article about religion would change if we discovered alien life

2017-2018 syllabus; guide to solving student problems

IB rubrics - Paper 1, Paper 1 grademark conversion scale; Paper 2, Paper 2 grademark conversion scale; Internal Assessment, IA grademark conversion scale; Socratic Seminar, IB Command Terms

**If only page numbers (always from the Miles Norton Anthology of World Religions book) are listed, that means the assignment is to closely read the page numbers and prepare for a discussion on the text within the next couple days.
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