Number Homework For Preschool

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Preschool is such a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of learning. But there’s only so much that can be accomplished in the few hours that they’re in class. So consider supplementing your child’s early cognitive development with our preschool worksheets. From color-by-number fruit and connect-the-dot dinosaurs to letter tracing pages and a bunch of matching games, there is no shortage of fun activities to keep your child entertained while continuing to prepare them for kindergarten. In fact, we have so many worksheets that you can establish a weekly post-preschool homework schedule. On Monday, break out the tracing pages and help your child work on writing and sounding out letters and sight words. Tuesday can be all about numbers, counting, and simple math, while Wednesday is devoted to strengthening memorization with matching games and flashcards. Thursday can be “kids choice” day where he decides what subjects he wants to work on, then on Friday, give his little brain a break and print out our professionally illustrated coloring pages—don’t worry, even with just crayons in hand, he will still be working on vital creative and fine motor skills.

Free numbers and counting worksheets

These printable kindergarten worksheets help you kids learn to recognize and write numbers, and to count.  The worksheets compliment K5 Math, our animated online learning program.  A 14-day free trial is available.

Printing numbers

Tracing Numbers 1-10 (click the number you want to practice): 
1  2 3 4 5  6  7  8  9  10

Printing Numbers 1-20 (words and digits)
1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20


Count the objects and circle the correct number (click the number you want to count up to):
1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  12  13  14 15  16  17  18  19  20

Read the number and circle the correct number of objects (1-10): 1,  2, 3,4, 5

Count the objects and write the correct number (1-10): 1,2, 3,4,5

Count the objects and write the correct number (1-20):  1,2,3,4,5 

Fill in the missing numbers in the sequence:
1-10, 1-20, 1-50, 1-100

Odd / Even Numbers

Count the objects and decide whether the number is odd or even:
Worksheet#1  #2  #3  #4

Look at the number and decide whether the number is odd or even:
Circle the even number:   #1,  #2
Circle the odd number:  #1,#2

Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd ...)

Match or mark shapes based on their ordinal position:
Worksheet #1, #2,  #3,  #4


Match ordinals words ("third") to numbers ("3rd"):  Worksheet


Write the ordinal words (1-6): Worksheet

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