Fh Collins Homework Clipart

Teaching Staff

2017-2018 Admin Staff


Mr. Bruce Thomson - Principal
Ms. Stephanie Main - Vice-Principal
Mr. James Shaw - Vice-Principal
Mr. Michael Toews - Vice-Principal
​Email may be a fast and convenient way to send messages, but not all staff have access to email throughout the day.  Please remember that if you choose to send an email message to a member of our professional staff, you may not get an immediate reply.  For prompt attention or urgent messages, please phone the school at 667-8665.
To email a member of our staff, enter the first name and last name, separated by a dot, then use the following suffix:
          Teaching/Support staff:         ---@yesnet.yk.ca     (Example:  Karine.Belanger@---)
          Administration:                        ---@gov.yk.ca          (Example: Bruce.Thomson@---)
          Office Assistance:                    ---@gov.yk.ca          (Example:  MariAnn.Campbell@--- )

Alwarid, Aisha – FLEX
​Beauregard, Isabel – PE
Belanger, Karine – Science/French
Bergeron, Hugo – SS/French
​Bernard, Annie – Gwich'in
Bingham Nathan – on leave
Bonny, Jennifer –Science
Bradford, Tyler – Computers/Math
Brown, Matthew – English
Campbell, Erin – Math/ELL
Caro, Celine – French
Craigen, Andrew – Wood Work
Daniels, Marie – Math/Aviation
Dent, Bruce – French
Desrochers Alain – PE
Dobson, Rob – Math/Science
Emery Michel – Learning Commons
Falkenberg, Tamara – English
Fox, Jennifer – EA
Fox, Tristan – Band
Freiman Mira – Science/Counselor
Geisler, Mattaeus – Science/Math
Grottoli, Anthony – Math/Science
Grundmanis, Peter – on leave
Hays, Stacey – Science
Hobbis, Barbara – Tlingit
Jansen, Andrew – Social Studies/Law
Jirousek, Ann – Counselor
Jirousek Jakub – Science
Kelly-McNally, Chelsea – ESL/ Drama
Kerby, Scott – Learning Assistance
Kimber, Kathryn – French
Kirk, Christine – PE/Sports School
Lapierre, Rene – Science

Support Staff

Ms. J. Anderson – Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Archie – Educational Assistant
Mr. P. Begin – Education Assistant
Ms. J. Burgess – Educational Assistant
Mr. M. Dougherty – Educational Assistant
Mr. K. Johnstone – Educational Assistant
Ms. T. Kopf – Education Assistant
Mr. D. Malhotra – Cafeteria Assistant
​Ms. C. McCarthy – Education Assistant
Ms. B. Petriw – Remedial Tutor
Ms. J. Pumphrey – Secretary/Library Aide
Ms. C. Rogers – Educational Assistant
Mr. M. Tannahill – Educational Assistant
Mr. A. Todd – Educational Assistant

Office Staff

Mari-Ann Campbell – Office Administrator
Joanne McDougall – Admin Assistant - Student Records
Loralee Leschert – Admin Assistant - Finance
Laura Barr – Admin Assistant - Reception
Leamen, Susie – Foods
Luken, Bernard – Automotives
Main, John – Photo
Marsella, Fleur – Math
McDowell, Clare – English/Social Studies
McDougall, Sean – Tlingit
McLoughlin, Shaun – Science/Math
Menard, Gilles – French
Morris, Michel – Counselor
Muir, Nicole –  English
Murrell, Robert – Metalwork
Normand, Marie-Claude – Learning Assistance
Parker, Myriane – French
Pellicano, Annie – on leave
Petriw, Doug – Science
Sarin, Meera – Spanish
Seawell, Jane – Planning
Taylor, Sarah – English
Theriault Veronique – Math
Thurmer, Leisa – English/Fundamentals
Thiesen, Hayley – Art
Tipton, Heather – MNR
Toews, Mike – Administration/Humanities
Tuton, Jodi – on leave
Ursich, Amber – French
Vienneau, Nicholas – Transitions
Wilkinson, Sean – Social Studies

Calligraphy marker and colored pencils on cardstock. Drawn by Eric Daniel Muntz. 11/2017.

Pigma Calligrapher and colored pencils on cardstock. Drawn by Eric Daniel Muntz. 1/2018.

Cartoon Drawings, Cows, Cattle, Drawings Of Cartoons, Cow

Cartoon Drawings, Cows, Cattle, Drawings Of Cartoons, Cow

Cartoon Drawings, Cows, Cattle, Drawings Of Cartoons, Cow

Snooty Cow will NOT be trying any of your small town vegan delicacies! by Eric Daniel Muntz

Cartoon Drawings: Bovines/Cattle (Cows and Bulls)

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