Osaka University G30 Scholarship Essays

The Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization --also referred to as "Global 30" or "G30"-- aims to create an environment that makes it easier for international students to study in Japan and receive a high quality education while doing so. A project of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Global 30 aims to do this by: (1) establishing a system to provide classes in English, (2) improving the system for accepting international students, (3) promoting international cooperation, and (4) nurturing superior personnel who can play an active role in the global arena in environments supportive of their growth in friendly competition.

Global 30 aims are threefold: to enable international students to start and complete their Japanese university education in English, recruit international faculty through internationally posted openings, and improve the system for accepting qualified students. Global 30 aims to eventually bring 300,000 international students to universities in Japan. Osaka University aims to be a major player in the G30 program!

In response to Global 30, Osaka University has established several credit courses and degree programs conducted in English, referred to as "International College".

Osaka University aims to increase the number of its international students (currently about 1,900) to 3,000 by 2020, the target year for G30. The number of short-term international students studying for a year or less currently stands at about 250, but Osaka University aims to increase this to approximately 1,000 by 2020.


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