Weight Training Class Assignments

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Weight Training and Cardio Fitness

SYLLABUS   Weight Training and Cardio Fitness   PE 136,  236, 260


Professor/Life Coach: Louise Lindenmeyer

Office: 3024D (PE building)
Email: llindenm@shoreline.edu

Office Phone: 206-546-4747

Office hours: See my homepage
Last Day of Class:
Final Scheduled Times:

Please turn in a BIO of yourself with your photo for me by the first day of class...add your goals for this quarter.


Course Description

Goal: To have fun, improve overall vitality, lower resting heart rate, make new friends, and to make this easy!

PE 136: A combination of strength and cardiovascular training techniques allowing the student to develop and experience a personal well-balanced fitness program.
PE 236: is level II of this program, continuing and improving level I with Advanced knowledge.   No lectures in class, power points are on blackboard.  Work-out during class time. Individual support with an Integrative approach includes looking at overall wellness and vitality.
PE 260: Participation only....check in daily. No assignments required.  Attend all classes to receive a "P."


Course Objectives

  • To assess your present fitness and wellness with appropriate fitness/wellness assessments and to document improvements.
  • To create a weight training and/or aerobic plan to meet your individualized needs.
  • To practice fitness and wellness on a daily basis demonstrating your commitment to consistent daily vitality.
  • To  create positive change in your life by making healthy choices daily, establishing high vitality.
  • To study the components of fitness, the principals and guidelines for safety,  as well as accurate, up-to-date scientifically based information about key topics in wellness, including nutrition, weight management, stress, cardio-vascular health, cancer ,drugs, alcohol, STDs and to acknowledge the mind, body, spirit connections necessary for overall wellness.  These topic are optional, however, it is important to see fitness in terms of your overall wellness.

Texts....choose: (or any text that applies to your goals)
Fahey, Insel, Roth.   Fit and Well Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness (10th edition), 2013
or ebook: http://www.coursesmart.com/007734961X (brokenlink)  or http://connect.mcgraw-hill.com/selfstudy
Text:  Fahey.  Basic Weight Training for Men and Women.  2013
Text:  Hyman, Mark.   The Blood Sugar Solution. The Blood Sugar Solution.  2012.

Optional text:  Personal Training Certification offered with the National Council for Strength and Fitness.  http://www.ncsf.org/examprep/college/students.aspx    http://www.ncsf.org    see Louise


Dress appropriately for exercise:   comfortable workout attire, athletic shoes and or a sweat suit and bring a water bottle if desired, buy a tape measure, and get gloves if you are doing the free weights.   Lockers are available.

Week 1:  BRING IN A BIO WITH PHOTO, PLAN FOR 10 WEEKS, RESEARCH PAPER FROM  www.drhyman.com  with 2 references



You will be tested on effort/improvement/skills and  knowledge. There will be chapter quizzes posted on canvas.

100 points total - for computing your points make a percentage of number correct divided by total number of points. Skill improvements will also be evaluated by comparing results week 1 with midterm and final weeks - 100 points. Your effort and improvement will be assessed by submitting a Portfolio beginning week 2 with your goals/plans/bio and chosen worksheets.



400 points possible  with an additional 15 point for extra credit.

  • 100 points for participation - 5 points per class, as well as outside of class work (this may also count).
  • 100 points for skill improvement and effort - record your progress, develop your program, show your improvements (lower RHR, decrease waist size to below 32 inches, increase daily vitality, etc.)
  • 100 points for written assignments - 20 worksheets selected from text - place in portfolio
    one research paper of two pages with two references (from website: www.drhyman.com or www.ultrawellness.com, one midterm and one final paper to discuss your overall progress
  • 100 points for exams - Weekly quizzes,  Midterm and Final -taken on Blackboard  You may repeat until you have 100%
  • 15 points maximum for extra credit

The points you receive will be your grade point up to 400 points (for example 300 points will be a 3.0 and 350 will be a 3.5.  You may take this class for a decimal grade or for a P/NC/Z Option. To receive a P( Pass) you will need a minimum of a 2.0 and you must sign up by the mid-point of the quarter. A "V" grade is failure to attend and failure to withdraw and is computed as a 0.0 in your GPA. A "Z" grade is for hardship withdrawal after consultation with instructor and requires at least a 1.4. See college catalogue for more information.


Extra Credit

Additional points will be up to 15 for extra credit.  Your choice in additonal work...find something interesting to you and relevant to this class...add to your work. Textbook webpage: Fit & Well Text class assignments to follow.


Assignments - 100 points
Fit & Well Text  CHOOSE assignments to match your specific needs.  Utilize the grade sheet to keep track of your points.  Each worksheet is worth 5 points (need a total of about 12 if you do all other assignments).


Place all of your work in a portfolio, with your grade sheet completed.  You will select the work, individualized for you.

Basic requirements for a "C" grade:

  • Set Goals for this Quarter.
  • Develop a strength training plan.
  • Develop a cardiovascular fitness plan.
  • Develop an overall wellness/vitality plan.
  • Keep track of your progress in all areas: evaluate and assess your improvements.  Turn in results Week 4 and Week 8.

For a "B" grade:

  • Complete selected text and online assignments...individualized for your needs.
  • Write a research paper on any related topic...2 pages, 2 references.

For an "A" grade:

  • Add additional selected activities from the texts.
  • Integrate the wellness activities from the text.
  • Complete a portfolio of all of your work.
  • Participation in all of the activities!

Portfolio grading:
A  4.0-3.8 indicates excellence in every phase of the course
A-  3.7-3.5 performance substantially above minimum requirements
B+  3.4-3.2 indicates performance
B   3.1-2.9 substantially above
B-  2.8-2.5 minimum requirements
C+ 2.4-2.2 indicates minimum
C   2.1-1.9 requirements
C- 1.8-1.5 have been met
D+ 1.4-1.2 Indicates incomplete,
D   1.1-0.9 some credit
D-   0.8-0.7 allowed
F   0.6-0.0 indicates no credit allowed


Course Contents (Correlates with text chapters)

  1. Introduction to Wellness, Fitness, and Lifestyle Management
  2. Principles of Physical Fitness - Safety and Prevention
  3. Cardio-respiratory Endurance
  4. Muscular Strength and Endurance
  5. Flexibility and Low-Back Health
  6. Body Composition
  7. Putting Together a Complete Fitness Program


  8. Nutrition
  9. Weight Management
  10. Stress
  11. Cardiovascular Health
  12. Cancer
  13. Substance Use and Abuse
  14. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  15. Wellness for Life

Course Outline and Reading Assignments
These assignments may be adjusted to meet your specific needs.


Week 1-2 - Chapters 1-4  Complete your goals for weight training and for cardio work. Review the web work for this text and select areas to put into your portfolio. Complete the lab assignments for each chapter and do the fitness tests that apply to you.  Also complete the Behavior Change Workbook and the Monitoring Your Progress in the back of the text.  BRING IN PORTFOLIO.


Week 3-4 - Chapters 5-7 Complete the labs for the body composition, flexibility and low-back health.  Put together a complete fitness program.  Continue to use the web and to work on your portfolio.


Week 5-6- Chapters 8-10  Complete the Labs on nutrition, weight management and stress.  Continue to work on the web and complete your portfolio.  BRING IN PORTFOLIO.


Week 7-8 -  Chapters 11-13  Complete a lab on Cardiovascular Health, Cancer, and Substance Abuse.  Continue to work on portfolio and personal goals.


Week 9-10 - Chapters 14-15  Complete a lab on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Wellness for Life.  Your Portfolio is due.  Write a final paper discussing your results, pre and post, and what you have learned.  Include in your portfolio.  BRING IN PORTFOLIO.


The personal results you receive in this class are dependent on your individual dedication. The assignments have been structured to help you to achieve results. I commend each one of you for deciding to become a leader in fitness and wellness  and for spending your time and energy learning about living a quality life, full of health and wellness, prevention and personal safety. Thank you for choosing this course. I'll be your coach!


General Policies

Cheating and plagiarism (using any unauthorized work) or other dishonest activity will be automatic 0.0 for the work or the class and will not be tolerated.  This includes copying or using someone else's work, as cheating is not allowed on tests, homework, or any other assignments (SCC Policy 5030).  All assignments are considered individual assignments unless specifically identified as group work.


Student Conduct  Any behavior that disrupts the educational process will not be tolerated.  You will be asked to leave the class if your conduct prevents others from learning in a college-level learning environment (SCC Policy 5030).  You will not get any credit for the class if you are asked to leave because of disruptive behavior.  If you are disturbed by another student let me know and the student will be notified.


Insurance: You can purchase student insurance in the Registration Office.  You will be responsible for your own insurance in case of injury.


All emails or correspondence must include your full name and the class and section you are in.  If I  receive an email from you I will email you back so you know I have received it.


Write your name legibly for any work to be turned in during class. Neatness is important, as is spelling, grammar and content. On the due date bring a hard copy of your completed work to class (this work will then be shared and checked off by classmates/or instructor). Also post your work on the discussion board in Blackboard. You will see the appropriate heading.  In some cases we will be sharing with groups. Be well prepared.


Closure of the College
In the event of extremely severe weather or a major disaster, the College President or his designated representative may cancel classes and close the College.  Announcements will be made over select radio and television stations, notably KING, KIRO and KOMO.  Exams or lab projects due on officially closed days will be due the following class period when the college re-opens.  The instructor will discuss with you at that time the net effect on the rest of the term schedule.  If it snows, remember prevention and do not show if conditions are too dangerous.  You will not be counted absent.


This syllabus may be changed during the quarter at the discretion of the instructor.  Syllabus changes will be announced in class and changed on Blackboard and my website.  Students will be held to these announcements  whether or not they are present in class when the announcements are made. Note date of revision on the syllabus posted on my website and in blackboard.


The Writing & Learning Studio (Room 1501) offers students free resources for writing, reading, and learning strategies:  tutoring, student success workshops, instructional handouts, and reference materials for writing and reading development.  They can help you understand the requirements of academic writing and work with you while you draft, revise, and/or edit your papers. You can also get tips for improving your reading and study strategies.   No appointment is necessary.







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